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Initial Encounter

At Alliance immediate & Primary Care, we put our patients first. We have made an affordable package that can easily allow our physicians to provide care for our patients on their first time in our clinic, this also helps the patient understand where they stand in terms of their health. In this visit you will encounter the physician and medical assistant for your visit. Also, we have included basic blood work and a urinalysis in this price. This price is for New patients only.

$110 includes CBC, CMP, TSH and U/A


Returning Established Patient

If you are an existing patient of our clinic, this fee covers the visit with the physician and the medical assistant.



Follow up

This fee covers a follow up visit after a medical diagnostic test (i.e., x-ray, blood test, mri, or a consult with a provider has been performed at our clinic). Here the physician will meet with you to follow up with a treatment plan or test that is individually suited for your needs.




One Low price. Regardless of the need of your physical. At Alliance Immediate and Primary Care, we have made pricing simple and affordable. Any physical that is needed, regardless for school, work or sports physical we have made all the same price.
Some employers or schools require more inadept tests along with the physical. If you need additional testing added, we can add any at a discounted price. Those can include Labs, vaccinations or drug testing.

Work Physical

School Physical

Sports Physical

With PPD: $75 With PPD: $75 $55
Without PPD: $55 Without PPD: $55

STD Screening

In our STD screening panel, we have made a concise package catered to what patients need to help put their minds at ease. We want to be able to help our patients and treat them if necessary and as quickly as possible. In this panel, we test for HIV, Herpes Simplex, RPR (Syphilis), Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

$150 includes HIV, HSV, RPR, GC/Chlamydia


Drug Testing

Our drug testing panel tests for 13 different drug classes. We perform the test and have the results during the same visit. We have a controlled environment that is monitored and tamper proof and will give you printed results after it is done.


Pregnancy Testing

If you suspect that you may be pregnant and want to be certain we have two tests that can to be performed. The first is our in-house HCG Urine test.  We recommend a confirmatory HCG Qualitative blood test which we send to the lab, which confirms pregnancy and gives information on how far along you are. The HCG in house test is $10 and the HCG Lab test is $25

$25 HCG Qualitative sent to lab
$10 HCG In-House

At Alliance Immediate and Primary Care, we strive to make sure the patient gets the best care. Our providers and staff are here to help in any aspect of your health. We can perform many procedures in house, so please don't hesitate to call us at 773-754-3500 to inquire about any procedure, test or treatment you may want to have performed.

In Case of Emergency Please Call 911